Twitter Growth Slows, But Users Are More Active

After peaking at about 13% in March, growth in new Twitter users slowed to 3.5% in October, according to the third State of the Twittersphere report from HubSpot, which used its Twitter Grader tool to analyze more than 5 million Twitter accounts and more than 6 million tweets, TechCrunch reported.

However, TechCrunch points out that the average Twitter user is now far more active, saying that currently compared with July, the average user of the microblogging service has 300 followers versus 70, follows 173 accounts versus 47 and posts 420 monthly updates compared with 119.

HubSpot also found that 40% of the top 20 Twitter locations are currently outside of North America versus 15% in July, according to TechCrunch.