Twitter Traffic +3.35% For January (+13.4% Overall), Facebook +1.13%, LinkedIn +4.01%, Friendfeed +3.42%

This is a monthly series that looks at visitor data for all the major social networks as calculated by Compete is USA-biased, and certainly in the case of Twitter the visitor numbers are distorted by the openness of Twitter’s API and the numerous Twitter software clients, but on a like-for-like basis the numerics have value and warrant investigation. Please refer to previous installments in this series for a more detailed overview.

The moderate rebound we saw across social media in December 2009 continued with additional bluster in January 2010, according to figures released by

Twitter posted visitor growth of +3.35% to 23,573,178 uniques, just marginally short of the August 2009 peaks. More impressively, overall visits were up a heady 13.40% to 151,538,594, again just slightly short of the August highs, but welcome nonetheless.

It’s the biggest month-to-month jump for Twitter since April 2009, and while the amazing growth rates the company saw at the beginning of last year now seem long behind us, it’s encouraging for the platform that existing users appear to be very upbeat. (An attitude which is reflected in other data.) And this is just traffic to, remember, which accounts for perhaps as little as 20% of all traffic.

Facebook also rose, adding +1.13% of new visitors to 133,623,529 uniques, and +5.92% overall (2,872,823,682). This is a new all-time high for Facebook, improving on December’s peaks.

LinkedIn gained +4.01% to 15,475,890 uniques, but an incredible +23.84% overall (64,426,829).

Friendfeed rebounded from a massive four-month decline to edge up +3.42% (499,842 uniques), and +17.25% in all traffic.

Even MySpace turned up at the party, adding +2.61% unique visitors to 50,615,444, and 571,351,604 overall (+3.09%), a number which should clearly not be dismissed.

Plurk, meanwhile, fell -19.21%, registering just 181,096 unique visitors in January.