Twitter Breaks Google’s Heart And Steals Ad Director

Twitter has stolen away another member of Team Google in an obvious attempt to tick the company off.

Why do we say this? Well, it happened the day after love day (hence demonstrating hate) and THIS guy is a real find. Not that others weren’t, we’re sure they’re quite special and fantastic too, but this guy has “advertising super genius” written all over him – and he has a thing for (talking about) blood-letting. Oooo.

Twitter has lots of open positions and fills them all the time. We don’t cover every single hire because that would be silly (and because we don’t learn about them in time) and most are pretty “hey, here’s that new lucky, talented person for you to hate” stuff.

Enter Jeffrey Graham.

He was the Director of Advertising Research at Google where he “lead advertising research for Americas region across all Google products, developing new techniques for helping advertisers make more rational marketing decisions.”

And he’s all about making sense of nonsensical things – like the current structure of most company’s media management. “Media management is a lot like blood-letting . . . crude and primitive solutions to what really is a large variety of complex problems,” Graham says in a presentation he gave in July of last year (linked below). Yep, blood-letting. THAT’s a comparison, hmm?

According to AdAge, “he says he’ll focus on researching user behavior and communicating the value of the company’s ad products and platform to brands and agencies, as well as showing them how to use Twitter data to improve the effectiveness of their advertising in other channels.” [And eradicating blood-letting.]

“I believe that [Twitter] data can really solve a lot of problems for marketers in understanding what media is working and why it’s working in television,” he said.

And he knows his stuff. In the video below, he identifies four things wrong with traditional media management:

  • It’s really crude
  • Managed in silos
  • The process is fragmented and disconnected
  • The process is about eyeballs, not business results

That sounds like most companies’ marketing departments, doesn’t it?

Graham talks (in the video) of creating a completely different system that transforms all digital media into something more effective and efficient, using “data stacks.”

And he also comes back again to that “blood-letting” analogy – and there’s even talk of using leeches. Maybe his coworkers better stay on their toes around him? Slackers getting leeched at Twitter? Who knows.

Want to learn more? Check out this video where he explores what he means by data stacks and reveals his medieval inclinations.

(image from Shutterstock)