Twitter Goes Down, Geeks Go Crazy!

For the past week Twitter has been having serious problems. Jack from Twitter posted a cry for help and admitted that the company has no idea what’s going on with the site. That definitely doesn’t sound good and soon after the errors took place, people started complaining about how they feel lonely without Twitter.

Allen Stern of CenterNetworks posted a pretty entertaining video of him singing for the revival of Twitter. It looks as though some people had no idea what to do with themselves. Personally, I kept checking Twitter on my Blackberry only to receive no response. Is this the end of the world? Not really but for those who are hyper-connected, it definitely has caused some stress.

While I think Twitter should be more reliable, it’s honestly not the end of my life when Twitter goes down. Mike Arrington seems to differ and appeared absolutely flustered by the Twitter downtime. Mike states, “I’m in a particularly bad mood because I have food poisoning and Twittering it was going to make me feel marginally better because a bunch of people would say something nice in a reply.”

While I’m not as reliant on Twitter for emotional support from others, I definitely see this as a useful way to leverage Twitter. It looks like people have become emotionally attached to Twitter. Just check out the video below.