Twitter Focused On Building Global Town Square (And Dodging IPO Questions)

Twitter’s CEO is great at dodging IPO questions – so great, in fact, we’ve coined a new term: Costolo’d.

It means openly and unapologetically refusing to answer a question no matter how hard one is pressed. It isn’t elegant and it doesn’t even ATTEMPT to evade, it’s a bold (and mildly mocking) reiteration of whatever was said just before even though it so very obviously does not answer the question at hand.

Want to know when you’re being Costolo’d? Read on!

In an interview on Monday with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television, Costolo spoke of user growth driving everything at Twitter.

And when pressed about a potential IPO, he pulled a typical Costolo (he’s done this before) repeating his previous answer and providing ZERO scoop intel:

“We are solely focused on building this Global Town Square and all the benefits of the business and the way we think about growing the business will fall into place,” was Costolo’s only response.

How do you know when you’re witnessing a “Costolo?”

He makes this face (as seen in two separate interviews).









TRY to tell us that smile isn’t hiding something! Oh, that Costolo.







The Global Town Square he mentioned was briefly referenced early this year in a blog post reporting the millions of tweets per second sent around the world to ring in the new year:

Beyond that, the Twitter Chief talked about platform’s strengths and how they don’t let decision made by other companies affect what happens at Twitter (try as you might, Facebook and Instagram!), because Twitter has a “really clear notion of where we want to go as a company and with the product.” You go, Twitter! Go on with your bad self.

IPO predictions, anyone?

(Dodgeball image from Shutterstock)

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