Twitter Gets an Oscar for Most Tweeted Brand

Advertising Age teamed up with social-media trend-analytics service What the Trend to create the weekly Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands list.

How does it work? From the Notes section at the bottom of the post:

We broadly define “brands” to include major marketers (e.g., Apple) and branded products (e.g., iPad), as well as celebrity and entertainment brands (e.g., Lady Gaga, American Idol). Ad Age works with WTT to consolidate multiple threads of brand chatter (e.g., Apple, iPad, iTampon, Apple Tablet) into one position on the chart when it’s clear that related Twitter conversations are basically all about the same topic, even if they use different keywords.

This week’s top 10:

1: Oscars (including Sandra Bullock, Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker, Avatar, James Cameron, Academy Awards, Kathy Ireland, Red Carpet, Precious, Crazy Heart, Tyler Perry, Best Picture, Jeff Bridges, District 9, Molly Ringwald, Zac Efron, SJP, Best Supporting, Food Inc., Robert Downey Jr., Kristen Stewart, Farrah Fawcett, Monique, Best Director, George Clooney, Fisher Stevens, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Barbara Walters, ABC, Sandy Powell, Tom Ford, Christoph Waltz, Best Documentary, Sarah Jessica Parker, Colin Firth, Penelope Cruz, Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, An Education, Matt Damon, James Taylor, Hattie McDaniel, Chris Pine, Cablevision, NPH, Ryan Bingham, Steve Martin, Congrats Monique, Frog, Sigourney Weaver, Miley’s, Best Animated, Anna Kendrick, Art Direction)

2: Justin Bieber (including My World 2, #weadorejustin, #BieberHasMyHeart, QVC, #KingstonFollows, #bieberismyidol, #ripmary, #InLoveWithBieber, Big News, AXns5tC-dgk, Eenie Meenie, #Biebershirtless, RICK, BBC1, Cmon, Let’s Dance, #OMJDByeah, #omgbiebertrue, NcvLuIHIo10)

3: Alice in Wonderland (including Alice)

4: Notorious B.I.G. (including #ripbig, Biggie, Name Ya Top 5 Biggie, Happy BIG Day, Juicy, Christopher Wallace, #Biggie)

5: Lady Gaga (including Telephone, Beyoncé, #telephonevideo, GQ95z6ywcBY, #TelephoneThursday, Jonathan Ross, GaGa)

6: Jonas Brothers (including #JonasAreBack, #JoeEatsFood, #YoureANileyFan, #itsagreysweater, Houston, #NickJonasDay, #WelcomeKevinJ, Everybody)

7: Chuck Norris (including #iheardchucknorris, #chucknorris)

8: Corey Haim (including Actor Corey Haim, Lost Boys, RIP Corey Haim, #RIPCoreyHaim, LAPD, Goonies, North Hollywood, Corey Haim, KNBC, Frank Albarren, Lucas)

9: #WeAdoreDemi

10: NBA (including Kobe, Lakers, Ron Artest, Rodney Stuckey, Matt Barnes, Raptors, Chris Bosh)