Twitter Gets Ad-Friendlier With Image Galleries

New feature displays photos shared in tweets

On-the-fly photos shared through Twitter are getting their own homes online.

Twitter’s “User Galleries” feature, which launched Monday, aggregates the last 100 pictures uploaded by a user via tweet (excluding those sent before Jan. 1, 2010) and displays them in chronological order.  

The photo album-like gallery will be linked from each user’s Profile page and includes photos directly shared through Twitter, as well as those from third-party services such as Instagram, yFrog, and TwitPic.

Twitter didn’t share details on monetization possibilities, but said the new feature is a positive addition for marketers looking to associate their brands with a richer multimedia experience.

“We think the user galleries feature will be good for advertisers who now have greater incentive to include cool pictures in their tweets,” said Matt Graves, director of communications.  

The galleries can be viewed two ways: the grid view, which shows thumbnails of the images; and the detail view, which shows the most recent image, along with the body of the tweet and thumbnails for other images.

Twitter said photos will automatically be included in each user’s gallery. To remove a photo, the entire tweet that contains the image needs to be deleted.