Twitter game Nerd Trivia gets its own iOS app

The popular Nerd Trivia Twitter game has expanded in preparation of the newest season of questions. Twinkl Media has released the official Nerd Trivia game as an exclusive app on iOS, ensuring that questions will no longer get lost in the sea of “normal” tweets in a user’s timeline.

The Nerd Trivia account was created at the beginning of 2011, with the game account posting trivia questions from a variety of categories a few times a day, for a few weeks or months at a time. Players previously earned points by sending a direct message to the account, and they could keep track of their points (and any questions they missed) on the official Nerd Trivia website.

Players earn achievements for answering multiple questions in specific categories, like Star Wars trivia or Chemistry quizzes (as examples), and players can now answer all of these questions inside the app to keep the game in one place.

The app shows the current active trivia question, and also presents a look at previous questions, where players can see the fastest correct response to the question (the entrant receives bonus points), how many total answers were submitted, how many of those answers were correct, and so on.

While Nerd Trivia’s questions can be answered easily via a simple Google search, the game has previously been embraced as a legitimate quiz by thousands of Twitter users since the event first began. The iOS application is now available to download for free, with a $0.99 in-app purchase removing the app’s advertising. The new season of Nerd Trivia began this week.

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