Twitter For Android Update Adds Key Features

An update to the Android version of the official Twitter app is now available in the Android Market, and the update adds two important features, support for multiple accounts and notifications. Updates have also been made to the appearance of the two widgets included with the app, and several bug fixes have also been implemented.

Multiple account support is used by people who need to manage multiple Twitter accounts, such as for a work account and a personal account. Most third party Twitter apps enable you to log in to mulitple accounts, but up until now the Twitter app did not. After you set up the accounts that you use you will be able to switch between them without having to log out of Twitter.

Once you install the new version of the Twitter app, you can configure it to receive notifications for direct messages, @Mentions, and tweets. The notification settings are specific to each account that you set up in the app. You can configure the app to receive @Mention notifications from only the people that you follow, or from anyone, as well as configure the amount of time between timeline refreshes from Twitter.