Twitter Just Made It Really Easy To Find Out If Another User Is Following You

Ever since Twitter first opened its doors to the public over five years ago, finding out whether somebody is following you has always been an oddly laborious process.

Various websites and apps have tackled this problem, and one surefire method is to simply try and send somebody a direct message – if they’re not following you this will generate an error. But it’s all just so crude and barbaric.

Well, not no more. With their recent design revamp, Twitter has made it very easy to find out if another user is following you. And all you have to do is visit their profile on

Load up a user’s profile page and if that person is following you, Twitter will display the text FOLLOWS YOU to the right of their username (at the top of the page).

For example, here’s Robert Scoble:

You can see clearly that Robert follows me on Twitter. If he didn’t, that area to the right of his username would be completely blank.

For example, here’s Lady Gaga, who doesn’t follow me.


This may not be a brand, brand new addition to, but it certainly wasn’t there before the revamp. It might have taken a few days to roll out, some readers may have noticed this already, and entire books may have been written about this very subject. But it’s certainly new to me. I’m sure some kind soul will let us know in the comments.

But the bigger question is this: why did it take Twitter over five years to implement such a basic ‘feature’?

(Top image credit: mkabakov via Shutterstock.)