Would You Want To Follow Someone With A Handshake?

Would You Want To Follow Someone With A Handshake?

Wearable technology is all the rage these days. Bands, glasses, watches… they’re all being upgraded to high-tech versions with chips that can do everything from reading your heartbeat to displaying tweets in front of your eyes.

As more of these devices become consumer-ready, the question of whether people will actually wear and use them comes to mind – and whether Twitter-lovers would want to incorporate their already obsessive tweeting into their high-tech fashion statements.

GameSpot covered the news that PC gaming company Razer was going to enter the nascent wearable technology market with a new device called Nabu. And while this band can do a lot – like track calories and receive phone calls – it also has social media capabilities built in.

Specifically, Nabu users will be able to shake someone’s hand and then “perform social transactions like sending a friend request on Facebook or following that person on Twitter.”

Now, this begs the question of whether or not Twitter users, even the obsessively actives ones, would want to follow someone with a handshake. Plus, in order to know whose account to follow, it can naturally be assumed that both parties would have to be wearing their Nabu so the devices could share data.

And, zooming out even further, all of the new wearable technology to come onto the scene in recent months has provoked a more stumbling question: will people even bother to wear the devices? ZDNet and others have mused about the knee-jerk reactions many have to seeing a “dorky” looking piece of technology on somebody’s body. Google Glass is a particular eyesore to the fashion-conscious, and many shy away from wearing them in public (thus defeating their purpose).

The question remains as to whether wearable technology, and all the social media bells and whistles, will become the latest and greatest, or go the way of the dinosaurs.

(Handshake image via Shutterstock)