45% Of People Have Used Twitter For Flirting (And It’s Almost Always By Direct Message) [STUDY]

A new survey has revealed that almost half (45 percent) of Twitter users have used the micro-blogging social network to date and flirt with other members, and one-in-three confessed to having sent “sexy” tweets.

Direct messages were cited as the most common way of flirting, with 83 percent of those who engaged in such behaviour on Twitter having done so via a suggestive private message.

According to the poll, which was conducted by VoucherCodesPro, the top 5 uses for Twitter were:

1. Networking 67%
2. Socialising/connecting with friends 62%
3. News/event updates 54%
4. Topical discussion 51%
5. Dating/flirting 45%

“People may feel that a virtual message helps to hide the reality of the situation and take the pressure off,” said VoucherPro’s George Charles. “Maybe Twitter’s just an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, but then one thing leads to another.

“Either way it must help that people can re-write their initial chat up line if they’re not happy with it. Face to face, you only get one chance.”

(Online dating image via Shutterstock.)