Using Twitter And Flickr To Map The World [PHOTOS]

Sometimes it’s very easy to forget just how quickly the world changes, particularly with the all-conquering innovations that develop on the internet.

After all, it’s just five years ago that Twitter first opened its doors to an unassuming public, and nobody could have begun to imagine the impact that the network would make around the globe – culture to culture, person to person – in such a short space of time.

These incredible maps, created by Eric Fischer, use geolocation to show how both Twitter and photo-sharing service Flickr are spreading across the planet.

The locations of tweets are detailed in blue, while those from Flickr are in red/orange. White dots show locations that have been posted to both.

Here’s the world:

At this scale, it’s pretty difficult to see what’s going on. So let’s start zooming in.

Here’s America:

And Europe:

You’ll quickly notice that Flickr is pretty much everywhere, while Twitter is slowly but surely making its presence felt. But narrow your lens onto the more tech-savvy cities, and you get a very different picture.

Here’s San Francisco:

New York:



And, finally, Tokyo:

I’m sure you’ll agree these are some pretty amazing images. Head on over to Eric’s Flickr stream to see more.

(Source: Eric Fischer. Hat tip: Fast Company.)