Twitter (Finally) Calls Robin Thicke a Douchebag


Ok, I can hear you now.

Yesterday Robin Thicke learned the same lesson that has already turned JPMorgan and Roger Goodell into prime case studies for the ages: Twitter chats pretty much never go well, especially when the fruit at the center of the conversation hangs so very, very low.

This one was so bad that it led journalists all over the country to devote their mornings to locating Mr. Thicke’s most embarrassing stock photos.

How did we do?

Tweeters took issue with both the “I know you want it” lines from “Blurred Lines” and Thicke’s not-at-all creepy album and tour built entirely around efforts to win back his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Some of the better ones:

For the record, we’re pretty sure he didn’t plan this himself. He can’t be that dumb.

More great unanswered questions:

Topical! And, like “Blurred Lines” itself, this meme  just won’t die.

Some people got creative:

While others strayed off topic as hashtag mobs are wont to do:

We would write about the painfully obvious risks of open-ended forums created to promote controversial personalities, but the main lesson we learned from our Twitter scrolling this morning is…

Don’t take him back, Paula. Seriously.