#TwitterFiction Festival Begins This Week

#TwitterFiction Festival Begins This Week

Heralded as an “All-day, all-night celebration of storytelling on Twitter,” the #TwitterFiction Festival will begin on Wednesday May 12th and run until Sunday May 16th.

Writers, readers and entertainment-lovers are invited to join in and embrace the love of storytelling… 140 characters at a time.

The #TwitterFiction Festival is all about encouraging people to creatively tell stories using tweets. And they are looking for creative types who go beyond just tweeting a narrative line-by-line.

They cite parody accounts, collaborative fiction using crowdsourcing, images, Vines, poetry and using multiple accounts to create dialogue as some of the more creative ways to use Twitter to tell a story.

The Festival itself features guest authors and writers from a variety of genres tweeting fiction alongside 25 contest winners.

To kick things off on March 12th, a live event in New York will invite literary bigwigs like R.L. Stein and Sara Barron to a storytelling showcase, combining in-person storytelling with Twitter.

Throughout the five day Festival, authors and official participants will take to Twitter in a variety of events: A journey up Mt. Everest will be documented, a romantic entanglement will ensue, word games will be played and a murder mystery will be solved.

For a full list of events and participants, visit the #TwitterFiction Festival website. And to follow along on Twitter, be sure to check in to the #TwitterFiction hashtag this week.

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