Five Ways To Use Twitter’s Favorite Button

Five Ways To Use Twitter's Favorite Button

If all you do on Twitter is send tweets and retweet, you’re missing out on a significant – and very useful – aspect of the network: favoriting.
The favorite button is not Twitter’s most popular feature, and it doesn’t get as much press as retweeting. But it’s growing in popularity, as more users figure out ways to make favorites work for them.
We’ve written before about how to use favorites, but since these little yellow stars pack quite a powerful punch, we’ve rounded up five more ways to use favorites, as recommended by real Twitter power users.
1. To collect testimonials

You might think that people only take to Twitter to complain about their morning coffee, but that’s not the case: plenty of users actually take the time to be nice to each other.
When someone next sends a compliment your way, why not click the little favorite button beside their tweet? That gold star can be wielded as a tool for you to collect all the great things that people say about you or you business.
Testimonials are the core feature of networks like LinkedIn, but they can be just as powerful when gathered on Twitter. And, if you get enough of them, you can display them on your website, blog or instead use the favorite button to make sure you take the time to thank the kind folks who think you’re the bees knees.
2. To showcase your business

Similar to testimonials, business accolades can be gathered up in 140-character bites using Twitter favorites. To ensure that these positive sentiments are useful to you, you could create a Twitter widget that only displays your favorites. This will essentially display a list of tweets – curated by you using favorites – that act as word-of-mouth marketing.
And to get even more business-related tweets, you can actually ask for them. Why not tweet to a client, asking them what they thing about your most recent work together? Just make sure you favorite the response.
3. To save links

The IFTTT (If This Then That) service is pretty nifty, as it allows you to create if-then statements to trigger reactions based on actions around the web.
To put this to work for you when coming up with new ways to use Twitter favorites, try this: create a statement like “if I favorite a tweet with a link, then save that link to my bookmarking service of choice.” Then, whenever you see a link shared on Twitter that you’d like to read later, simply favorite it and it will be ready for you when you’ve got some time to kill.
4. To pay it forward

Here’s another way to use favorites to keep the positive sentiments rolling on Twitter: paying it forward.
When someone says something nice about you, you can favorite it to save it, or put it on your website… but why not take this one step further and reach out to these kind souls?