Social Media 101: What’s The Best Way To Update Twitter And Facebook At The Same Time?

We know, we know… you’re busy.

You certainly don’t have time to waste updating all those different social networks. So why not link up your Twitter and Facebook feeds so you can update both with the single click of a button? That’s just good, common sense. Right?

Luckily, this is very easy to do. In fact, you have several options open to you:

  1. Use Selective Tweets
  2. Use software that allows mass-posting, like HootSuite
  3. Don’t do it

You have a choice here, and I strongly advise you to always pick option three. Here’s why:

1. Social means personal – a ‘copy and paste’ attitude to your message tends to imply broadcasting (as opposed to engaging) and cheapens the experience for you and your network. Twitter is not Facebook – it’s a different audience with different expectations

2. If you have lots of the same people on both Twitter and Facebook, there are few quicker ways to irritate them than seeing the same robotic updates from you everywhere they go

This doesn’t mean you should never have the same status updates on Facebook as you have on Twitter. Just don’t always do it, and certainly do not automate it. That screams minimum possible effort on your part. It’s incredibly lazy. And it makes you look like a spammer.

Yeah, we get it. I’m busy, you’re busy, everybody’s busy.

So what? We’re on the verge of a brand new year – what a fantastic opportunity to work on those bad habits and start making just a little extra effort.