Just 10% Of Brands Monitor Their Twitter, Facebook ROI [STUDY]

While marketers are now spending upwards of an hour each day using social media, just one in ten are actively monitoring their return on investment (ROI), says a new study.

The EPiServer report, Tackling The Social Challenge, sourced the opinions of 250 UK marketing decision makers, and found that while 65 percent of the firms polled have a presence on Facebook, with 60 percent using Twitter, just 22 percent of companies employ a dedicated social media manager. Moreover, only 6 percent manage their social presence in-house.

“Many companies are overwhelmed with having multiple social media channels to maintain simultaneously, and just keeping them operational can be time-consuming,” said Maria Wasing, a vice president at EPiServer.

Over the past year, 29 percent of UK businesses have set up a new social media channel and 52 percent have increased the amount of time dedicated to managing their presence on these networks. One in five expect to increase their financial investment in social media in the next 12 months.

While not proactively tracking ROI, companies have reported net benefits from their social campaigns – a quarter of businesses have seen a gain in website traffic, 31 percent reported increased customer engagement and one in five (21 percent) reported a direct increase in sales that correlated to their social media presence.

“While an increasing number of businesses are embracing social media, there are clearly areas for improvement if they are to take full advantage,” added Wasing. “Managing social media can be challenging and time-consuming, so it’s vital to put in place a dedicated resource, along with the right tools and platforms to ensure multiple channels can be updated and managed with ease.”

(Source: EPiServer. ROI image via Shutterstock.)