34% Of People Think Twitter, Facebook Have Negative Effect On News Quality [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do people trust the news? It’s a loaded question, and one that comes with a whole lot of variables. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark’s philanthropy initiative, craigconnects explored this question in connection with the current political campaigning going on in the US, asking people whether social media made them trust the news more… or less.

The internet in general fares pretty poorly in this survey. Only 13 percent of respondents feel news they find on internet news sites is “very credible” when it comes to accurately reporting on politics and elections.

And social media is even worse off, with just 6 percent believing the news they get through their favorite social networks is credible.

When asked if social media in general has a positive or negative effect on the quality of news reporting in the US, people were equally dismal: 34 percent believes it has a negative effect while only 17 percent believe it has a positive one.

The survey also breaks down these results by party affiliation, gender, race and age, to tease out some more nuanced findings. For instance, Republicans seem to be much more down on social media than their Democrat counterparts, with 15 percent of Republicans believing it has a positive effect on the news and 37 percent believing it has a negative effect, compared to 19 percent and 32 percent respectively from the Democrats.

You can check out the full stats in infographic form below to see for yourself just how little people seem to trust the social news they see (click to enlarge):

(News image via Shutterstock)