Facebook’s Instagram Purchase Given A 12% Approval Rating By Twitter [STUDY]

Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram has made serious waves throughout the business world, with many pundits already proclaiming the perceived overpayment as another apocalyptic sign of the inevitable tech bubble, part deux. After all, Instagram was valued at $500 million in a venture capital fundraising series just a week ago, so why would Facebook pay twice as much?

Well, the reasons vary, and you’ll have your own. Still, many Instagram early adopters (read: hipsters) were already up in arms that their oh-so-obscure (30 million iPhone users) photo-tweaking platform had just been launched on the Android marketplace, but this purchase by the evil, consumerist Facebook has really taken the cake.

But what about normal people. What do they think about this deal?

Twitter is as good a gauge of the voice of the common or garden person as just about any medium that we have, and a new study by social sentiment analytics firm Crimson Hexagon has revealed the extent of the public’s dislike of the Facebook/Instagram buyout. Just 12 percent of the tracked 201,000 mentions of the event were rated as positive, with 35 percent explicitly negative about the acquisition.

10 percent of the tweets studied stated that they were going to delete their Instagram account and/or app, which equates to about 20,000 users. Even if this 10 percent fallout is consistent across the entire membership, it’s small change, really, especially given the 5 million user bump Instagram had already received from the Android community, and its current placing as the top free app on the App Store.

Moreover, while many expressed shock, over half of the tweets analysed were considered to be neutral about the news.

So, really, less of a backlash, and more of the usual, “Oh, this was mine. I found this. It belongs to me. I made it what it is today. I only asked my cool friends to join. Me, me, me. How could you do this? HOW DARE YOU!?!”

Facebook is many things, and they’re not all positive, but what it can do for any business it acquires is instantly and massively multiply its level of awareness and growth, as well as providing an essential revenue stream and technological backbone. Just ask Spotify.

So, Instagram will be just fine. Nothing to see here. Move along, hipsters. Move along.

(Source: Crimson Hexagon. Dislike button via Shutterstock.)