Words Of Wisdom For Twitter: Integrate Facebook Connect

John Battelle is one smart cookie. In a post this morning, John suggests that Twitter leverage Facebook Connect in order to prevent people from never coming back. By integrating with Facebook Connect, the company will be able to help people instantly connect and draw meaning from the site. Twitter could even take things a step further and let people import their Facebook status directly to Twitter to essentially create the ultimate status search engine.

Currently the only recommendations that Twitter provides is for celebrities and as one of my friends suggested to me during lunch the other day, the conversation has become similar to MySpace. If you were able to quickly connect with all of your friends, things would be much easier. Yes, you can currently import your email address but that’s about where it ends.

Most younger people don’t use email as their primary communication channel, they use Facebook. Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites ever. At the current rate, it appears that the company is growing faster than Facebook was a few years ago when they were at the same size. While growth may eventually slow, there is no end in sight and it’s most likely because of the simplicity of the system.

On Facebook users are continuously confused with new changes of the system. Just last night I was having a conversation with someone about groups versus fan pages, something that most people still can’t grasp. While Facebook may be more complicated than Twitter, the odds of the company following in the footsteps of Friendster or MySpace (as I wrote earlier this week) is extremely low.

Facebook users have a substantial amount of buy in and once you’ve built your network, uploaded your photos, and exchanged enough messages with others, it’s pretty difficult to leave. Add to all of those lock in features Facebook Connect and you instantly have something that you can pretty much never leave. Call it the Facebook mafia effect: once you are in, you are in for life.

That’s why companies like Twitter would find it beneficial to implement Facebook Connect sooner rather than later. If Facebook is going to be a dominant force for years to come, why not take advantage of its user base? Twitter could easily continue their growth as the go to site for short messages, micro blogging, whatever you want to call it. Both companies will continue to be winners when Twitter implements Facebook Connect.