Twitter, Facebook And Baseball [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media quickly proved itself to be a huge draw of traffic and business for the entertainment industry, and major sports leagues, teams and players around the world have also embraced channels such as Twitter and Facebook to connect and engage with fans.

The NBA, NFL, soccer and many other sports are well represented, but what about baseball?

While it doesn’t quite have the numbers of its fellow sports, America’s favorite pastime is doing rather nicely indeed. MLB has over 1 million Facebook Likes on its official Page, and the Yankees (5.3 million Likes and 550,000 Twitter followers) and Red Sox (3.5 million, 220,000) lead baseball’s most popular teams. Nick Swisher, Brian Wilson and Brandon Phillips head the list of MLB’s most-followed Twitter users.

Solid numbers indeed, although it’s worth noting that the NBA, which has always been very aggressive and proactive with their social media marketing, has 12.4 million Facebook Likes and the Los Angeles Lakers a couple of hundred thousand more than that. So baseball has a little catching up to do. Still, plenty of time – Twitter and Facebook aren’t going away anytime soon.

This infographic from Banyan Branch takes a closer look at Major League Baseball and social media.

(Source: BanyanBranch. Baseball image via Shutterstock.)