Twitter Eyes Facebook's Old NYC Office

Facebook's former office at 340 Madison Avenue might become Twitter's New York outpost.

Move over Facebook, Twitter may move in.

No, Twitter’s not taking over Facebook’s spot as king of social media; rather, the microblogging company may rent an office that the leading social network is moving out of, according to the New York Observer.
The article says Twitter has been “perching in a Spartan, open-concept loft in Soho since November” as the company searched for more permanent digs.
According to the article, Twitter wants to sublease Facebook’s former office at 340 Madison Avenue. Facebook had rented the sixth floor of the building before moving down the street.
It’s possible the move could be strategic. After all, Madison Avenue is known for housing a lot of big advertising shops . Could this be a sign of more aggressive advertising plays to come for Twitter?
The article said, “But with the world’s two most powerful social media companies just blocks from one another, for better or for worse, it seems only a matter of seconds before the classy office strip is dubbed Silicon Avenue.”
The deal is apparently a few weeks away from closing, and Twitter employees aren’t commenting on the location change as of yet.
It’s interesting to note that in addition to Facebook and Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Apple have all grabbed New York office space in recent months, according to The Real Deal.
What do you think this change of scenery could do for Twitter?