Twitter Expands Embedded Media With New Content Partners

Twitter is making waves with its new interface. Which new content partners have joined with to embed their media on Twitter this week?

Earlier this fall, Twitter made waves in the social media world when it launched its new redesign. The new Twitter focused on allowing users to consume content directly within the stream, and that continues to be the main focus as Twitter recently expanded to include new content partners.

The new Twitter puts the media posted on the service right at your fingertips. A click of your mouse on a link and the photo or video will pop right up without you having to go anywhere else. It will be right there on the Twitter page.

This makes things easier for the person with not enough time on their hands. There is no need to waste anytime with waiting for another page to load. On Monday, Twitter announced that it had added several new content partners to their line-up. A total of five media providers were added.

Which companies can you now see embedded in the Twitter details pane on new Twitter? The five added this week include, Instagram, Rdio, Slideshare, and DipDive. These providers will give you access to photos, audio and video without you ever having to leave your Twitter page.

These companies just add onto the list of partners Twitter already has in place currently with twenty a part of the new program. Twitter is not done adding new partners yet either. Twitter said the following in their latest blog post: “In the next few months we’ll integrate with more content partners. For Twitter users, this means that 140 characters can contain a world of multimedia content, and instantly connect you to video, photo, music and media services all across the Web. “

Twitter is only continue to move forward and expand with the times while looking for what their users want. Twitter users want an easy and simple to use service that will give them the information they need with the content they want. Twitter is answering that call with these new features. What do you think of the new Twitter?

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