Twitter Expands D.C. Team To 2, Hires Former Top FCC Aide

Colin Crowell will be joining the Twitter team as the new Head of Global Public Policy. Formerly a senior advisor to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, Crowell will join Adam Sharp in Washington D.C. as the second employee in Twitter’s two-person D.C. team.

Politico reports that Crowell has been handling some of the biggest tech and telecom issues in the country for the past two decades, bringing them to Congress and helping to shape some of the FCC’s early broadband policies.

For the past year, Crowell has been running his own consulting business, working with clients including Sprint and Google.

The hiring of Crowell was announced, in typical Twitter fashion, in a tweet:

“Very happy to welcome longtime user advocate @colin_crowell as @Twitter’s Head of Global Public Policy.”

The tweet was from Twitter’s general council, Alexander Macgillivray (@amac).

According to tweets from Crowell himself, he is set to start working for Twitter around mid-September.

Politico reports that he will likely be working directly with lawmakers in the capitol, as well as with individuals at the FCC and FTC.

Politicians are some of the most active types of Twitter users out there, with leaders like Obama and Chavez taking up Twitter with enthusiasm. By increasing its presence in Washington, Twitter will make it easier for lawmakers to embrace the platform and avoid any potential pitfalls.