Twitter Testing Proximity-Based Event Alerts

Building on the news we shared yesterday that Twitter is testing a “TV Trending” feature for some users, it appears that Twitter is also trying out alerts for live events happening nearby.

Here’s what the alerts look like, and more details.

As TechCrunch reports, the proximity-based event alerts appear to be organized around hashtags, similar to the “TV Trending” feature.

What you see is a box at the top of your timeline with a hashtag for the event with its distance from you, an emblematic tweet related to the event, and a link to a longer list of tweets mentioning that hashtag. Here’s what it looks like on the Twitter for iPhone app:

It’s easy to imagine Twitter leveraging this functionality, along with the “TV Trending” feature, for additional advertising.

In addition, the motivation behind Twitter testing these features seems to be directly related to CEO Dick Costolo’s comments back in June about creating a “DVR mode” for Twitter, a way to filter the signal from the noise.

Have you noticed either the trending TV or live event alerts yet on Twitter?

(Hat tip: TechCrunch. Smartphone image via Shutterstock.)