Twitter And Etsy Begin “Engineer Exchange” To Share Knowledge

How do you share knowledge with others? Send emails? Prepare reports? Have a few conference calls?

Well, Twitter and Etsy are teaming up to take knowledge-sharing to the next level: they’re going to be “trading” employees.

The two companies made a joint announcement about this initiative on the Etsy blog, explaining that one employee from each company would be traveling to the other for a week at a time:

“This week, one of Etsy’s Staff Engineers is traveling to San Francisco to spend a week at Twitter, observing and helping out, learning what Twitter does particularly well, and seeing differences that may reinforce or refute beliefs we’ve held as core. Likewise, a Twitter Platform Engineer is traveling to Brooklyn for the week, and watching what Etsy does well and poorly, all while helping out (and, of course, deploying on her first day).”

New employees at both Etsy and Twitter undergo rigorous training in their first week, learning about the work environment, technology and product in great detail. These two initial engineers participating in the exchange will undergo something similar at the partner company.

The companies are hoping to do another exchange after this one, and you can bet they will if this one is a success. In the joint announcement, Twitter and Etsy say they will be “looking for other exchanges to do soon” – but whether that means personnel or some other type of information exchange is anyone’s guess.

Do you think this is a cool initiative? Or should the companies be more concerned about security risks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Computer sharing image via Shutterstock)