A Graphical Look At Twitter Employees’ Interactions On Twitter [INTERACTIVE MAP]

Data visualization is at an all-time high, as graphic designers and web whizzes compute cooler and cooler ways to display the infinite stream of data flying around the Internet daily.

Find of the week: designer Santiago Ortiz created a data visualization examining how all the people who work at Twitter interact on – well, Twitter.

Check it out, below.

Using the public profiles of Twitter employees via the Twitter API and the @Twitterteam list, Ortiz’s visualization shows in impressive, and interactive, detail, the nuances of how people interact and connect within one organization.

On Ortiz’s map, you can hover over any node in the map to see which user it is and click “play” to see those networks change over time. The magenta lines are incoming tweets, and the cyan lines are outgoing. Individual accounts are sized based on their tweet frequency.

You can also toggle back and forth between “forces” and “clusters” in the map’s display.

Click over to the full interactive map right here.

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