Don’t Miss Twitter’s Great New Way To Embed Tweets

Last week, Twitter rolled out a major update to a number of its products:, its “official” mobile apps and TweetDeck.

With the major redesign came a very simple way to embed tweets.

While Twitter’s Blackbird Pie and other third-party solutions offered an easy (albeit buggy) way to embed a tweet, this never seemed like a way to do it for the masses. But with Twitter’s redesign, that all has changed.

Embedding a tweet is now as simple as clicking the “Embed this tweet” button that’s present on each tweet’s permalink.

Up comes a box that even allows you to change the alignment of the embedded tweet.

The end result is an embedded tweet that looks cleaner and is more enhanced than before (it even allows you to follow directly from the embedded tweet!):

The embed code is versatile: It works in Tumblr (a big surprise) as well as other content management systems that frequently reject embed code. This includes at least one CMS that could not take Blackbird Pie embed code.

Twitter users should give this new embed code a try. It’s a lot better than whatever you’re using now, especially if you’re just pasting screenshots in!

It was a smart move by Twitter to include this in the redesign. These enhanced, embedded tweets will now appear on more sites as a result. The enhancements will likely get more people to engage on Twitter. At the end of the day, that’s a key goal for Twitter.