Twitter Election Highlights: John King Becomes an Ad

PAC buys Promoted Tweet for analyst's name during CNN's coverage

CNN political analyst John King impressed Twitter users with his county-by-county electoral map knowledge tonight—not to mention the touch-screen map that's become part of his signature reporting style in recent years. Priorities USA Action, a PAC that has been buying up Promoted Tweets to push president Obama's reelection candidacy this week, took notice, as "John King" was a trend on Twitter during tonight's coverage.

The marketers for the political action committee bought the Promoted Tweet for his name at around 10 p.m. ET on Twitter's real-time bidding platform. People who clicked on the "John King" hash-tag saw the following tweet copy from the Democratic-leaning org:

Some other Twitter highlights from tonight included predictions that Obama would be projected as the winner over his GOP rival Mitt Romney fairly early in the night (which, turned out to be true, though many Twitter users were quicker to make that call than network anchors):

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