Twitter Education Forum Seeks To Crowdsource Answers And Kickstart Interest

NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin is hosting a live radio broadcast and Twitter Education Forum on October 10.

Why? “Education has always played a key role in the American dream of advancement and opportunity. But, to this point, the issue has not been a major topic of discussion in this election season.”

You can join the chat using #npredchat, but you don’t need to wait until October 10 to participate. They’re already on Twitter exchanging ideas and framing the conversation, so join in!


What will the chat be focusing on, specifically? Well, that’s largely up to the participants, but here are some general ideas:

Who is responsible for making our schools better? What role should teachers, parents, the government, and private sector, be playing right now? Who is stepping up to the plate—and who isn’t? Our conversations are focused on K through 12, but if you are interested in education, we are interested in you.

Want to hear more about it? Listen to more info here. And then mark your calendar to join the conversation!

(School image from Shutterstock)