Twitter’s New ‘Dronies’ Take Selfies To New Heights

Twitter's New 'Dronies' Take Selfies To New Heights

There’s no denying that we’re a selfie-obsessed society. The word itself made it into the dictionary this year, and selfies are being snapped by celebrities, cartoon characters and regular Joes the world over.

But Twitter is taking the selfie phenomenon to new heights with its “Dronie” account – an unmanned aerial vehicle that is flying around Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, taking sky-high videos of the celebrities in attendance.

The Dronie is flying around the festival with a camera strapped to its underside, taking strategically-timed, 6-second Vine videos zooming out from celebrities and other festival attendees.

The first celebrity Dronie features Twitter-savvy Patrick Stewart with Twitter’s VP of Global Brand Strategy, Joel Lunenfeld.

The Dronie initiative is courtesy of Twitter Ads, who, as TechCrunch explains, are attempting to show advertisers how important it is to have live coverage of award shows and other star-studded events.

For now, you can give @Dronie a follow to stay up-to-date on dizzying zoom-out views of the festival.

(Drone image via Shutterstock)

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