With @Ev AWOL, Is @Jack Putting The @Noah And @csshsh 2006 Twitter Dream Team Back Together?

This is nothing more than idle speculation.

(In fact, I’m not even sure if it’s as qualified as that.)

But here we go. There’s been a lot of negative buzz about Twitter this week, and a good chunk of it came from the ‘betrayal’ expressed in Business Insider’s interview with forgotten Twitter co-founder Noah Glass (which we documented here).

Here’s a thought: what if this story was leaked to prepare the way for the triumphant return of Glass and early days Twitter developer Florian Webber? What if Dorsey, now he’s returned to a position of power at Twitter, has decided to put the old team back together?

Baseless? Perhaps. Unsubstantiated? Maybe. But here’s the thing: both Glass and Webber are back in San Francisco today, right now, and Dorsey has just hooked up with one of them.

Dorsey just tweeted this picture of himself with Webber on Instagram.

Now, I’m making the assumption this is a new photo, but that doesn’t really matter as get this: two days ago, Webber tweeted that he was back in San Francisco.

Late March, Glass also tweeted that he too was moving back to the City.

Evan Williams appears to be a figure who, if not completely on his way out at Twitter, appears to be much less of a key player in the bigger picture. Jack’s the man, again, and I have to say that, whether what I’m suggesting here turns out to be the ramblings of a lunatic true or not, the openness in his tweets since he returned to the company (as a force) has been really refreshing.

What if Twitter decided to spin all this recent stuff with/to the press to create a buzz around Dorsey re-uniting the old boys club (or to save it being an issue once he has)? Growth aside, Twitter has been in the developmental doldrums for the good part of a year now, so why wouldn’t they use this negative energy (planned as it might be) to springboard back to success? And with the A-team back onboard and intact, who’s to say they couldn’t do it? Who’s to say Twitter isn’t about to do something absolutely, positively incredible? Who’s to say this isn’t exactly what is happening right now?

Well, okay… except for someone with definitive proof to the contrary.


(Hat tip: @enargins, for planting the seed in my mind/ruining my last shred of credibility.)

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