Twitter Drafted by SportsFanLive Site, a social network for athletics buffs founded last year by former Yahoo Sports and CBS executive David Katz, has launched

The new site aggregates Twitter feeds from the more prolific sports fans of top professional and college teams in basketball, football and baseball. Users can also view two different sets of fan feeds side by side on the site, such as their favorite team and that team’s top rival—and then join in on the chat (think Yankee fans talking trash with Red Sox fans during a game, for example).

Launched in 2008, was created as an alternative to news sites like and

The new Twitter site has snagged Samsung and Capital One as its initial sponsors. marks the third such Twitter-related property launched by Katz this year.
Previously his company rolled out AthleteTweets, which aggregates the Twitter streams of professional athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, and SportsBlogTweets, which showcases the Twitter musings of a variety of hardcore sports bloggers.

“We think of this [format] as the modern day live chat room,” said Katz. “Our whole focus as a sports media company is to tap into these fan experiences and innovate, especially around social media—which we think is lacking at bigger sports sites.”