Twitter Shows Some Love To Developers, Creates FAQ

Twitter owes a big part of its growth to its developer community. Without third-party tools like Twitter-acquired TweetDeck and Tweetie for Mac or independent products like HootSuite and, Twitter would be much more bare-bones than it is today.

So it makes sense that Twitter would want to offer an olive branch to its developer community, partially to make up for a past that hasn’t always been so amicable.

Twitter has created a new section on its developer website (which was itself launched in July) to host developers’ frequently asked questions.

Announced on Twitter’s developer blog, this new section will make it easier for developers to get to the answers they need, quickly.

The Twitter team will sort through questions that pop up on the forums, and answer them on a single FAQ page. They’ll also include frequently asked questions on their documentation pages.

Twitter has been working to strengthen the relationship it has with its developer community in recent years. In late 2010 and early 2011, the company was on pretty terrible terms with most developers, as it struggled to find a balance between creating its own products and allowing others’ to flourish.

After revoking access to its API, shutting several developers down, and canceling its Chirp developer conference, Twitter soon realized that strong-arming its developer community was a bad idea. Since then, the company has built a website to provide its third-party developers with more transparency and warnings of changes, as well as open up a two-way communication channel between them.

(FAQ word cloud image via Shutterstock)