Twitter Announces Twitter Developer Communities

Twitter developers, come together: Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Developer Communities Wednesday.

Twitter developers, come together: Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Developer Communities Wednesday.

Senior advocacy marketing manager Kelly McMichael said in a blog post that the program is aimed at enabling developers to form their own communities worldwide and connect with each other locally, or with the @TwitterDev team.

McMichael said Twitter Developer Communities can range from small workshops to larger meetups and hackathons, enabling developers to connect, learn and share best practices, and she offered more insights into the thinking behind the program in her blog post:

In March, we hosted several regional meetups for our #HelloWorldTour, and it became clear that fostering more local events will help us engage with our community in a more personal way. Our Twitter Developer Community membership has since grown by 10 times, and meetups have sprouted in 14 cities across the globe, thanks to partnerships with trailblazing developer advocates in places like São Paulo, Brazil; Seattle; Kochi, India; and Nairobi, Kenya. We’re ecstatic about the momentum of the communities and how this program will take connecting developers to the next level.

Our mission is to meet, learn and champion developers who have built communities and applications with our products. One of our core values is to “reach every person on the planet,” and we believe supporting community advocacy programs to scale in places we’ve never been before helps us achieve this goal. Our #SmartCityNairobi trip to Kenya in April opened our eyes to the innovation that’s thriving in countries around the globe. Report Taka, the winning team from #SmartCityNairobi, presented their app and their work at the inaugural Twitter Developer Community meetup in Nairobi, and we were thrilled to have them join us this week at Twitter HQ to present to our San Francisco community. The platform is as strong as the community contributing to it. We’re incredibly grateful for our developers and we plan to continue to connect and empower them globally, in person and online.

Twitter developers: What are your initial thoughts on Twitter Developer Communities? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.