Who Uses Twitter? 16% Of Internet Users, 18-29 Year Olds, Minorities, Men More Than Women [REPORT]

Pew Internet have updated their annual look at who is using Twitter and other social media sites. You may recall that last year 15 percent of online adults were using everybody’s favourite micro-blogging social network, a small rise from 13 percent in 2011.

And in 2013? 16 percent of internet users are active on Twitter, and the service still skews favourably towards black and hispanic users, adults aged 18-29, and folks who live in urban areas.

Men are slightly more likely to use Twitter than women – two years ago the exact opposite was true – and almost one-third of Twitter users have at least some college experience. Relatively, Twitter remains unpopular with white users.

Twitter faces increasing pressure from Pinterest (15 percent of all internet users) and Instagram (13 percent), and is still significantly behind Facebook (67 percent usage) in overall popularity.

(Source: Pew Internet.)