8% Of Online Americans Now Use Twitter, More Women Than Men, Minorities More Likely Than Whites

New data released by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project suggests that Twitter is becoming increasingly mainstream – eight per cent of U.S. online adults now use the platform, reports All Things D.

Interestingly, it’s more popular with women than men.

Pew Internet observes that the groups who are notable for their relatively high levels of Twitter use include:

  • Young adults – Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than older adults
  • African-Americans and Latinos – Minority internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white internet users
  • Urbanites – Urban residents are roughly twice as likely to use Twitter as rural dwellers
  • Women and the college-educated are also slightly more likely than average to use the service

These findings came from research done in October of this year. Anecdotally, some of these results match my own experiences with the platform – although statistically the differences between these two groups is actually fairly slight (and let’s not forget this us U.S. data), it definitely feels like there are more women than men regularly using the platform.

Where things have changed, I think, is in the age category – research done in August of 2009 painted a very different picture. For me – and there’s every chance a personal bias has made this self-fulfilling – the age of the average Twitter user skews away from the young. I would still maintain that Twitter is predominately used by the older generation – thirty plus – but this will inevitably decrease over time, and Twitter has grown significantly in the past 12 months. Enough may have changed for this to now be a falsehood. Be interesting to see if these ratios are similar around the world.

How does it feel for you? Do these numbers match up with your own experiences?