Twitter Welcomes UK Prime Minister @David_Cameron

In a move that further underlines Twitter’s growing importance as a credible platform to raise awareness and connect with an ever-widening audience, yesterday, a little before 6pm UK time, British Prime Minister David Cameron sent his first-ever tweet.

It’s certainly been a long time coming – Cameron’s Twitter profile was set up way back in January 2010.

So far, the Prime Minster has sent three messages of 140 characters or less, the first of which promises that there won’t be “too many tweets”, which is perhaps wise. After all, in a radio interview back in 2009, Cameron famously remarked that: “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many tweets might make a twat.” He later apologised.

Cameron was official welcomed to Twitter by the @TwitterUK account earlier this morning.

While this is the first time the Prime Minister has used Twitter from his own account – and we’re going to make the possibly-naive assumption that it’s Cameron himself who is actually writing these tweets – the UK Prime Minister (@Number10gov) and @Conservatives profiles are well-established and have been used as an outpost for Cameron’s political message since he came into office. Going forward from here, it will be interesting to see if he actually engages on the micro-blogging network, or whether it’s simply used as another Conservative Party broadcast medium.