Twitter Cuts Ribbon App Shortly After Launch; CEO Goes On Offensive To Competitors’ Delight

What would you do if you launched an app capable of processing payments without ever leaving Twitter and it was immediately shut down by Twitter?

Well, if you were the CEO of Ribbon, you’d tell the world about it and make Twitter (collectively speaking) look like a jerk.

And if you were the CEO of Chirpify, a Twitter payment processing competitor, you’d likely grin from ear to ear over this decision.

Hany Rashwan, Co-founder & CEO of Ribbon blogged about the experience, saying (in part) that a little over an hour after it launched and “with no heads up, our integration of Twitter Cards was taken down, and now Ribbon links go back to without the in-stream buying experience.”

Before we released this, we made sure to validate our Twitter Card implementation (screenshot below), and all lights were green. We’ve had discussions with Twitter in the past, and are eager to find a way to work together. This is clearly something that’s good for not only Twitter, but also for Twitter users all over the world.

And shared this screenshot as proof that all lights were, in fact, green:

Why did Twitter revoke access? Folks are speculating, as Twitter isn’t saying, but maybe it just doesn’t want another payment processing app on its platform. It already has a payment processing partnership with American Express and then there’s Chirpify to consider – both are viable consumer options.

But, who knows? Maybe there’s room in the nest for another choice.

In Rashwan’s update today, we learn that Ribbon has “access again to Product Cards, and are actively implementing support for Ribbon content, [but] this isn’t the same in-stream payments we released yesterday” but it IS progress. More progress than we would expect, honestly, considering.

But you tell us: Was calling Twitter out about its actions a smart move? How would YOU have handled the situation?

(Cutting ribbon image from Shutterstock)

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