Twitter Conversation #dearpublisher Address eBooks

Yesterday The HarperPerennial Twitter feed started a conversation on Twitter with the hashtag Dear Publisher #dearpublisher, starting a conversation between readers and publishers.
Today eBooks have come up a lot. Topics have included everything from pricing and distribution to design and agents. Here are a few:
@saltpublishing asked, “What do people think is the right price for an eBook? Does it depend on the genre?”
@anthonylevings wrote, “This is eBook first, trade paperback in November (no HB)”

wrote, “Take ebook design seriously. Just because it’s electronic doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too.”

wrote: “Please expand ebook offerings of international authors, fiction and non. Better yet, just ebook your whole catalog.”

wrote, “Some eBook agents also take a cut of revenue, e.g. some are taking an additional 20% from the pub selling price.”