Twitter Considers Moving out of San Francisco, but SF Won’t Let it go Without a Fight

San Francisco has been the home of Twitter since its 2006 creation, but the quickly expanding company might be looking to relocate. With $200 million in new investments and plans to likely double its workforce, Twitter needs to shed its current office for a larger one – and the rumors are the new location might not be in its home city of tech startup fame.

SFGate reports that Twitter is rumored to be looking to Brisbane as a possible location for its new office – but that San Francisco is fighting to keep the company within its figurative city walls.

City officials are proposing a payroll tax that could entice Twitter to stay, SFGate notes. This tax would apply to the geographical area of Central Market within the city, which Twitter and a host of other digital media companies occupy.

But Twitter is rumored to be seriously considering making the move to Brisbane. The San Francisco Business Times first reported this rumor earlier this week. Apparently, the space they are looking at in Brisbane – which is Walmart’s current headquarters but will be empty when the company moves house later this year – clock in at 200,000 square feet.

Although Twitter won’t officially comment on these rumors, spokesperson Carolyn Penner sent an email to SFGate saying,

“We have about 350 employees, and based on our current growth trajectory, we can’t stay on the two floors that we currently have. So, at some point we’re going to have to look at other options.”