Twitter Considering Facebook-Style Brand Pages – For a Price

Would you be enticed to purchase a “brand page” for your business on Twitter? The company certainly hopes they can convince you that it is a smart move. Rumors have it that Twitter is mulling the idea of creating branded pages, similar to what you see on Facebook.

Marketing Magazine cites unnamed sources close to the subject as saying that Twitter might roll out branded pages in the near future.

The sources describe the pages as being similar to Facebook Pages, which provide brands with their own, tailored space through which they can deliver specific messages and encourage Twitter users to follow them.

I agree with Business Insider when they suggest that this could be an attractive new source of revenue for Twitter, which currently has only its promoted products and tweets from the firehose in its money-making sights.

However, there are so few details about these branded pages that it’s tough to imagine how they would be that different from the tools businesses already have at their disposal. The proposed pages offer a tailored message? That’s really what all Twitter accounts do. And by purchasing a Promoted Tweet or Trend, that message reaches more people. They encourage users to follow them? Again, purchasing a Promoted Account does the same thing.

We’ll wait for more details to emerge before evaluating this move. However, diversifying their income sources would certainly be a smart move for Twitter.