Unscramble This Twitter Commercial First And Win $10K

Who doesn’t want to win ten thousand dollars? If you don’t, stop reading.

But if you DO, read this post quickly, watch the video and unscramble the tweet – because if you’re first to do it, you’re going to win $10K!

To win the $10k, you need to watch the Wonderful Pistachios video below and unscramble the tweet from the letters that fall on and break open the pistachio.

Once you think you’ve cracked the code, tweet the unscrambled entry using the #getcrackin hashtag, but do NOT tag the Wonderful Pistachio people’s Twitter (@getcrackin) – they’ll see you, don’t worry. Here’s the official 411:

The Wonderful Pistachios Twitter Promotion gives you the chance to correctly unscramble a secret phrase that shows up on the latest Wonderful Pistachios commercial. To submit your entry, post what you think the unscrambled phrase is as a status update from your own Twitter account for a chance to win the Grand Prize of $10,000. #getcrackin is part of the scrambled message and must be included in order to properly enter the contest.  Do not tweet the message to @getcrackin.

And if you don’t win the $10k, you should still watch for whoever DOES submit the correct message, because you can still win stuff.

Once the phrase is correctly unscrambled it will be posted on Twitter from @getcrackin’s account. You can then retweet that exact correct unscrambled phrase to be entered in a sweepstakes drawing for a chance to win one of 140 first prizes of an Apple® iPad® Mini tablet computer.

Oh boy, oh boy!

Important to note: Only retweet the winning tweet once per day to be entered in the sweepstakes. If you go all retweet crazy, you may be disqualified. Same goes for the $10k entry. If you think you unscrambled it, tweet it ONCE. And tweet as many entries as you want, but make sure they’re different entries. The Wonderful Pistachio folks have made it pretty clear in their FAQs that they will not look kindly on spammers.

The commercial just came out today, so you still have a chance to win. And the contest runs through December 9, or however fast someone unscrambles it. And the sweepstakes runs for two weeks after the $10k winner is picked.

Here’s the video. Good luck!

(Man with money image from Shutterstock)