Remember, YOU Have The Power. All Of You

I can make all the observations I want about how the top celebrity accounts on Twitter aren’t really all that much, but here’s the real killer: we can snuff them out any time we like.

Don’t worry Ashton: I don’t mean in the Mafia sense. And I’m also definitely not talking about the royal ‘we’, either. I’m talking about us. You, me, and everybody else.

I’m talking about the collective.

If we, as a unit, all decided to unfollow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, there would be no more Ashton Kutcher on Twitter. Sure, he’d still have his spammers and his no-tweet wonders, and that and a token will get him on the subway.

Likewise, if we did the exact same thing to all the celebrities in Twitter’s top one per cent, then all those celebrities would move to Twitter’s bottom one per cent. Like magic.

Heck, if we, the collective, the team, decided to all block Biz Stone at once, I think Twitter would be forced to investigate exactly what was going on there. And they might even ask him to step down. I mean, if somebody who co-runs Twitter is that unpopular, then somebody else will need to make an executive decision. After all, there will be shareholders to consider, soon enough.

And if everybody unfollowed everybody else, and we then deleted each and every tweet we’d ever made, there would be no Twitter. Just a blank, empty space, where nobody knew (or cared) what was happening. Ever.

Here’s the thing: if enough of you don’t like something on any social network – or, for that matter, the world – then all it really takes is for you to rally the troops. Do it through a hashtag. Get some power-bloggers involved. Get your MP involved. Get Ashton himself involved. (Although don’t bother with Kim Kardashian – she’s far too expensive.)

Granted, it takes some work, and it takes some dedication, but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Be creative. Go crazy. And make it count. It’s amazing how quickly that ‘you’ can become an ‘us’.