Twitter Co-Founder’s Keynote At Disrupt Calls For Revolution

Twitter’s Co-founder and CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey, gave the keynote at today’s TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco.

In his keynote speech, which Techcrunch said sounded more like a sermon, Dorsey called on start-ups and developers to join the Technological Revolution. Though he wasn’t quite as dramatic as that.

According to TechCrunch, Dorsey “issued a call for a change in the way we think of the technology we cover and the startups we create.”

“Revolution has value, revolution has purpose — a direction and leaders,” he said on stage, sounding like he was giving a sermon, rather than a keynote. “We don’t want ‘disruption,’ where we just move things around. We want a direction. We want a purpose.”

Dorsey asked founders and entrepreneurs to “pick a movement, a revolution, and join it” — as if to say that anything is worse than not being a part of something, contributing to a movement forward, rather than adding friction and moving against.

He also said that technology should be easy to just pick up and use and everyone could and should be a founder and advance this notion.

Another major theme that he kept coming back to was the ‘founding members’ concept. Dorsey says founding members of start-ups don’t have to necessarily be there at Day One to be considered a founding member. Change happens constantly and companies change constantly, with many “founding moments.”

As Dorsey continued, “companies evolve over time and have multiple founding moments,” so make one wrong decision and your future isn’t necessarily in peril, because building a company is a lengthy process and evolution, not something that can be built (and flipped) overnight.

You can hear his full speech (and the awkward opening story where he was funny and no one seems to laugh, though they should have!):

 (Revolution image from Shutterstock)