Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Leaves Twitter To Join One Of Twitter’s Early Investors

Just last week, Biz Stone announced that he was leaving Twitter to work with fellow Twitter co-founder Ev Williams at the newly relaunched Obvious Corporation. Today, it looks like he’s added another task to his to do list: a strategic advisor role at Spark Capital.

TechCrunch reports that Spark Capital partner Bijan Sabet announced Stone’s new role as strategic advisor in a blog post on Thursday. Sabet explains Stone’s new role:

“In this role, Biz will help us think through and evaluate new investment opportunities. Additionally he will provide us with valuable insight about our current portfolio companies as well.”

Spark Capital was one of the first investors in Twitter back in 2008. Sabet joined Twitter’s board of directors at the time.

Stone’s announcement last week that he would be leaving Twitter in his official capacity paved the way for a move like this. He explained in his blog post that he is a more of a serial entrepreneur than anything, and that he needed to move on from Twitter to explore other opportunities to build something new. His first move, announced at the same time as his announcement that he was leaving Twitter, was to join Ev Williams and Jason Goldman at Obvious Corp. Less than a week later, he’s added this advisor role at Spark Capital.

Twitter’s co-founders have all been taking on side projects in recent months. Ev Williams left to start Obvious Corp, and Jack Dorsey left, briefly, to start payments system Square, returning recently as a chairman. Stone was the last holdout to retain his spot at Twitter, but now that he’s left, it’s up to CEO Dick Costolo and the new team to push the company forward.