Twitter CFO Doesn’t Understand How Twitter Works

Anthony Soto

(Source: Brian Ach/Getty Images) 

In most cases, the surest sign of excellent internal communications is a team’s ability to fully advocate for and support the brand in any situation.

Do people from Disney have a hard time discussing magic? Do employees of any sports team hesitate to talk up their players? No, because they are acolytes, brand champions and, perhaps, consumers of the Kool-Aid.

You’d think a company like Twitter — which is all about communications — would be on top of its own messaging efforts. But company CFO Anthony Noto made national news yesterday thanks to his seeming inability to figure out how the service’s direct messaging feature works.

Before joining Twitter as its top bean counter in July, Noto was a hugely successful banker at Goldman Sachs. So he wasn’t hired for his tech savvy.

However, dude should probably mix in a tutorial on Twitter 101 because his thumbs just got him in trouble:

Thanks to Kevin Roose, senior editor of Fusion TV (which we called “your tech media company to watch” earlier this month), the public saw a message clearly intended to be private.

Following the capture of the now deleted tweet, Roose did some digging and pointed out that Noto has recently followed a group of people who work at Mic News, a general news site targeted toward millennial readers.

Speculation: Noto is jonesin’ to buy himself a news website.

Since the speculation was just that, we don’t think the folks at Mic were high-fiving and buying bottles of Dom. But plenty of their fellow journalists did make light of the situation — and then we got this brilliant exchange via BuzzFeed finance reporter Matthew Zeitlin and…well…

more from noto

Yes, that’s former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, who may be the very last person qualified to give such advice.

We have little doubt that Twitter and Mic will both be fine, but you know: make sure to keep your private messages private.