Twitter Partners With CBS For Massive Video-Ads-Within-Tweets Program

Twitter and CBS are partnering up to bring live video clips to a Twitter timeline near you. This is the biggest partnership of its kind for Twitter, with CBS planning on incorporating Twitter-based ads into 42 of its TV shows and many of its web properties.

As Variety reports, the partnership was forged through the Amplify program, which launched in May. Amplify allows publishers to create in-stream video clips (like a preview of a season premier, or a weather watch alert, for instance) that include a short pre-roll or post-roll ad.

CBS will incorporate Amplify into its web-based properties, including,,, CNET and ZDNet. The deal covers a wide range of programming, from sports to entertainment to news.

TechCrunch reports that CBS exec David Morris went with Amplify because:

“CBS normally doesn’t pursue joint ventures like this, but it wanted to do more to tap into “the world’s biggest and most exciting social platform,” particularly with Twitter’s ability to target and deliver content to consumers.”

This isn’t the first major company to sign up for Twitter Amplify. The program includes members like ESPN, Fox, BBC America, The Weather Channel, Discovery Communications among about 30 others.

Still, it’s the largest commitment to date, even though no specific ad campaigns have been put together. Variety reports that a CBS representative explained that they already have one advertiser interested in buying in with 20 shows packaged together.

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