Twitter "Business Hub" Makes It Easier For Companies To Do Business

Twitter recently relaunched its business resource website in a an effort to make it easier for companies to understand the power of Tweeting.

In a recent revamp to it’s business resource hub, the popular micro-blogging service Twitter is stepping up efforts to make it easier for companies to get business value out of tweeting.

It wasn’t long ago that Twitter was thought to be just another social network toy for internet geeks. Fast-forward to 2010, and many companies are just now discovering the potential impact of social media to business. With social media changing so dramatically over the past few years, Twitter has become part of the mainstream lexicon that business can’t afford to ignore. Yet many companies are still faced with wrapping their heads around the social network since “getting on Twitter” is sometimes not easy, depending on how internet savvy are you are. The resounding message is that many would-be adopters just don’t “get it” or how it can benefit them. With so many companies placing social media as priority number one in their marketing efforts, they’re now trying to understand how they will leverage the micro-blogging platform to further their plans.

Enter Twitter’s newly redesigned business hub, which aims to change all that. The hub is designed to quickly get you up to speed on the basics of Twitter. The clean and simple website includes a glossary of terms, best practices, and case studies. The company has expanded its section on Promoted Products making it easy for businesses to understand the difference between terms such as promoted tweets and promoted trends, making it far simpler to understand and get started with advertising. Combined with Twitter’s recent UI redesign, companies are now starting to see the light a lot quicker than ever before.